Person In Context

The 4th Person in Context (PIC) Workshop and Challenge will be held in conjunction with ACM MM 2022.

We target at three sub-problems of the human-centric video analysis including Make-up Temporal Video Grounding (MTVG), Make-up Dense Video Captioning (MDVC) and Human-centric Spatio-Temporal Video Grounding (HC-STVG). All three human-centric challenges focus on understanding the human behavior, interactions and relationships in videos, which requires understanding both video and language, as well as complicated multi-modal reasoning. The three sub-problems are complementary and collaboratively contribute to a unified human-centric visual and cognition solution.

PIC 2022 Schedule

Time zone:
Beijing, UTC+8 Oct 14 (Local Time Oct 14 14:00--17:00)
The 4th Person in Context (PIC) challenge introduction
Invited talk 1: Shuqiang Jiang
Challenge HC-STVG introduction
Challenge HC-STVG Champion and runner-up talk [Oral]
Invited talk 2: Jiebo Luo
Invited talk 3: Lexing Xie
Challenge MTVG and MDVC introduction
Challenge MTVG Champion and runner-up talk [Oral]
Challenge MDVC Champion and runner-up talk [Oral]


If not otherwise specified, datasets in PIC are made freely available to academic and non-academic entities for non-commercial purposes such as academic research, teaching, scientific publications, or personal experimentation. Permission is granted to use the data given that you agree to our license terms. This license shall be governed by the license agreement of the dataset (if exists).