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The mobile gaming industry is facing a major challenge. Despite a surge in game downloads, overall revenue from mobile games declined 6.7% in 2022. This indicates developers need better methods for converting players into loyal, paying customers. Even top-grossing titles struggle to retain users long-term. This is where comes in.

The Problem is Solving was founded to help game developers boost player lifetime value. Their platform adds a layer of engagement using tools like a built-in reward system and analytics suite. According to CEO Steve Ip, “It is crucial for games to find new ways to retain their players. This is true even for top-performing games that are on the market.’s platform fulfills that function.”

Specifically, aims to:

  • Increase player engagement and retention
  • Help convert players into recurring, paying customers
  • Provide actionable insights to optimize gameplay
  • Unlock new monetization opportunities

Their scalable solution is designed to support developers with any size player base. The ultimate goal is making user acquisition more efficient while building stronger player communities.

How’s Platform Works’s end-to-end infrastructure is centered around driving player engagement. Key components include:

Streamlined Onboarding

The “Zero-Click” onboarding tool eliminates friction common with web3 platforms. Players can easily create accounts and sign in without needing any blockchain knowledge. This simplifies the process of distributing web3 rewards.

Motivational Rewards System

Developers can seamlessly reward gameplay with digital assets like stablecoins and NFTs. This incentive motivates users to keep playing and return often. Rewards are distributed globally using web3 technology.

Player Analytics Dashboard

The built-in analytics provides detailed insights about player segments. Developers gain visibility into their most valuable users. The data helps inform decisions about gameplay optimization and retention tactics.

Key Benefits for Developers offers a number of advantages for game creators:

  • Scalability – The platform works for games of any size, from indie developers to major studios.
  • Efficient user acquisition – By improving engagement and retention, player acquisition spend goes further.
  • Stronger communities – Reward systems and analytics lead to deeper player connections.
  • New revenue streams – Web3 rewards unlock secondary monetization opportunities.
  • Mainstream web3 onboarding – Players access web3 benefits without needing blockchain expertise.

For developers struggling with user drop-off or looking to optimize gameplay, provides the infrastructure to build lasting player relationships. And they make it easy to leverage web3 technology even for non-crypto natives.

Traction with Investors and Industry Leaders is led by founders with extensive professional experience in gaming and web3. Their vision for revolutionizing player engagement quickly gained the support of prominent investors.

The startup’s seed funding round was led by Animoca Brands, a leading gaming and blockchain investor. Other participants included Kraken Ventures, Sound Ventures, Rubik Ventures, Bixin Ventures, and more.

On the strategic value of, Animoca Brands Executive Chairman Yat Siu commented:

“’s solution serves an important purpose for the entire gaming industry, including Animoca Brands’ broad portfolio of web3 games and traditional games. The way improves engagement for games also gives developers the means to become closer with their players, allowing them to get even more out of the games they enjoy.”

This vote of confidence from major gaming industry players indicates the immense potential of’s platform.


As CEO Steve Ip stated, finding new ways to boost player retention is mission-critical even for the top games on the market.’s engagement infrastructure provides the tools developers need to convert and maintain players in the long run.

From efficient user acquisition to web3 monetization, the company is tackling the gaming industry’s most pressing problems. With strong financial backing and interest from leaders like Animoca Brands, is poised to revolutionize how games engage users worldwide. Their solutions may hold the key to finally onboarding the next billion users to web3.

Game developers can learn more about integrating’s platform by visiting their website or reaching out directly.

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