Perplexity AI Launches File Upload to Enhance Research Capabilities

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Written By Zach Johnson

AI and tech enthusiast with a background in machine learning.

Perplexity AI, the leading AI-powered search engine, has introduced an exciting new feature – the ability to upload files to summarize and extract key information. Currently in beta testing, file uploads aim to further enhance Perplexity’s capabilities as a comprehensive research assistant.

Founded in 2022 by AI safety startup Anthropic, Perplexity combines conversational natural language processing with transparent citations to provide users with relevant, supported answers. The launch of file uploading complements the platform’s existing features, allowing users to go beyond web searches and leverage Perplexity’s AI to analyze files.

During the beta testing period, Perplexity is accepting file uploads under 10MB in size and in common formats like PDFs, Word documents, text files, and more. The AI assistant will review and summarize the contents, extracting out important details, statistics, and conclusions. Key facts are cited back to the original file to ensure accuracy and maintain Perplexity’s focus on transparency.

Early user feedback on the beta indicates the file upload feature significantly augments research workflows. Students can upload academic papers to quickly grasp the key takeaways. Professionals can offload analyzing reports and studies. Marketing teams can utilize it to review the competition’s collateral and extract insights. The use cases are extensive.

Perplexity was founded on the principles of being helpful, harmless, and honest. Expanding into file uploads adheres to this mission, aiming to empower broad access to knowledge and insights without compromising accuracy or transparency.

The file upload feature is expected to exit beta later this year after incorporating user feedback. For now, it can be accessed through Perplexity’s website or Google Chrome extension. The company also offers personalized Pro plans with additional features like Copilot integration.

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