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Relax vs Fast Mode on Midjourney: What are Fast Hours?

midjourney what are fast hours

Midjourney is taking the world by storm as one of the leading AI art generators. By entering text prompts, users can get Midjourney’s AI to output stunning visual creations. Under the hood, Midjourney relies on powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) to interpret prompts and generate images.

To control image generation speeds, Midjourney offers different modes that impact how quickly prompts are processed and whether “fast hours” are consumed. The two main options are relax mode and fast mode. Understanding the difference between these modes is key to maximizing your Midjourney experience.

Midjourney – What are Fast Hours?

When you purchase a Midjourney subscription, you are allotted a certain number of fast hours each month. Fast hours provide priority access to Midjourney’s GPUs for rapid image generation.

The number of fast hours included depends on your Midjourney subscription:

Fast hours are replenished each month. Any unused hours do not roll over to the next month.

Fast Mode

Fast mode is the default setting when using Midjourney. With fast mode enabled, Midjourney will use your available fast hours to generate images as quickly as possible.

According to Midjourney, fast mode produces images within 1 minute on average. However, complex images or modifications like upscaling may take longer.

The key advantages of fast mode:

The main limitation is that fast mode consumes your limited fast hours. Once you exhaust your allotted fast hours for the month, you cannot generate any more images on fast mode until your hours reset.

To enable fast mode:


You can also check your remaining fast hours:


Relax Mode

Relax mode provides free unlimited image generation without using any fast hours. However, relax mode images take much longer to generate.

Relax mode puts your prompt into a queue. Generation time varies between 1-10+ minutes depending on how busy Midjourney’s systems are.

The more frequently relax mode is used, the longer queue times become. Some Reddit users have reported queue times of 30+ minutes during peak usage.

Benefits of relax mode:

Relax mode is only available with Midjourney’s Standard, Pro, and Mega subscription plans. The free Basic plan does not include relax mode.

Switching between fast and relax mode is easy so you can choose the best option for your needs at any time.

Purchasing Additional Fast Hours

If you exhaust your monthly allotted fast hours, Midjourney offers the option to purchase additional fast hours:

According to Midjourney, one fast hour lasts for around 60 image generations. So a single purchased hour goes a long way.

Buying a few extra fast hours can make sense if you’re in the middle of an intense creative sprint and want to eliminate waiting. But for more casual use, relax mode is often the better choice.

Earning Free Fast Hours

Want more fast hours without paying? Midjourney offers a way to earn free fast hours by rating images.

Here’s how it works:

Rating images is a great way to give back to the Midjourney community while earning a fast hour boost for yourself. Take a few minutes to rate images whenever you’re in Discord to improve your chances.


Understanding Midjourney’s relax and fast modes allows you to optimize prompt generation based on your priorities:

By strategically leveraging relax and fast modes, you can get the most out of your Midjourney subscription and remain focused on creating amazing AI art.

Midjourney GPU Usage FAQ

How many GPU minutes do my generations cost?

The average Midjourney image takes about 1 minute of GPU time. Simple images take less time while complex images take more. Use /info to see GPU time used.

What are the differences between Fast, Relax, and Turbo mode?

How can I switch between Fast, Relax, and Turbo mode?

What happens if I run out of Fast mode time?

You can purchase more Fast hours or use Relax mode. Unused Fast time does not roll over when your subscription renews.

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