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In the rapidly evolving world of music, the integration of technology has always played a pivotal role. But now, the best AI tools for musicians are taking center stage, offering groundbreaking solutions that are transforming how artists create, produce, and share their work. Let’s dive into this exciting realm and uncover the top picks that are making waves in the industry.

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1. is an artificial intelligence system that composes original, high quality music. It was created in 2016 and is recognized by the French Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM) as a legitimate composer.

How Works

Aiva was trained on a large dataset of classical music scores and recordings to learn musical patterns and structures. It uses deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms to generate new musical scores and MIDI files across a variety of genres including classical, rock, pop, jazz, ambient and electronic.

The AI looks for musical rules in the training data, and creates music by following and breaking these rules in creative ways. It starts by generating a melody, then adds chords, basslines, and drum patterns to form a full composition. The MIDI files created by Aiva can then be turned into audio by sampling live musicians.

Key Features

  • Composes original music in a range of genres and styles
  • Outputs MIDI files and sheet music scores
  • Option to create short clips or full length compositions
  • Editing tools to tweak tempo, instruments, notes and more
  • Collaborative playlists and community engagement

Pros and Cons

Pros: Very easy to use, even for non-musicians. AI generates high quality compositions quickly. Full creative control to edit compositions. Download MIDI and audio files.

Cons: Limited free account allows only 3 downloads per month. Unable to monetize free compositions. Requires subscription for commercial use with full rights. AI lacks true human creativity.

For musicians looking to jumpstart their creativity or get inspired, is an excellent AI composition tool. The ability to generate musical ideas, edit compositions in the web app, and download MIDI and audio makes it very versatile. While the technology has limits, it can help expand musical creativity.

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2. Soundful: AI-Generated Music Made Easy

Soundful is an AI music generator that allows anyone to create unique, royalty-free music tracks with just a few clicks. Developed in 2019 and launched in beta in 2022, Soundful aims to democratize music creation using artificial intelligence.

How Soundful Works

The Soundful platform uses proprietary AI algorithms to generate music based on certain styles, genres, moods, and other parameters specified by the user.

Unlike other AI music generators that simply string together loops, Soundful’s system uses one-shot samples to create more authentic-sounding compositions. It also utilizes principles of music theory to generate chord progressions and melodies.

The interface allows you to easily browse and select different musical templates across various genres like ambient, electronic, hip hop, rock, and more. You can tweak parameters like tempo, key, instruments, and “weirdness” to shape the AI-generated track to your liking before downloading the royalty-free loop.

Key Features for Musicians

Quick Music Creation

Soundful makes it fast and easy to create unique background music, no musical experience required. Just select a style you like and make simple tweaks to generate a short track within minutes.


While the platform handles the heavy lifting of composing the music, there are options to customize the sound. You can select instruments, adjust BPM, change keys, and more.

Royalty-Free Downloads

The loops you generate on Soundful are immediately available to download and use royalty-free, providing musicians with free tracks to enhance videos, podcasts, and other projects.

Potential for Collaboration

The quick music generation capabilities of Soundful offer opportunities for producers, composers, and other artists to collaborate with AI in new ways, using it as a creative tool or to rapidly develop ideas.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and easy way to get royalty-free background music
  • Customizable tracks based on genres and styles
  • Allows anyone to create music without formal training
  • Potential to enhance and accelerate creative workflows


  • Limited options to export and work with full multi-track stems
  • Concerns over copyright and plagiarism with AI-generated music
  • Perception by some that it threatens jobs of human composers
  • Quality can’t fully match work of trained musicians (yet)

While AI music creation still has limitations, Soundful provides composers, producers, and creators with an efficient tool to quickly generate custom backing tracks and spark new ideas. As the technology develops further, AI promises to complement human creativity in music rather than replace it. Soundful offers musicians an easy way to test the waters of this emerging technology.

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3. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is an AI-powered music generation tool that allows users to easily create royalty-free music tracks for their projects. It was created specifically for content creators who need music for things like YouTube videos, podcasts, games, and more.

What is Ecrett Music?

Ecrett Music is a web-based application that uses AI to generate unique, customizable music tracks in just a few clicks. Users simply select a scene (like travel or horror), mood (happy, sad, etc.), and musical genre, and Ecrett’s AI will generate a new track based on those choices. The length of the track can also be specified, from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

How does Ecrett Music work?

Ecrett Music uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to create professional-sounding music tracks. The AI has been trained on a huge library of music data in order to understand different musical styles, instruments, chord progressions, and more. This allows it to intelligently generate new music that fits the criteria selected by the user.

What are the key features of Ecrett Music?

  • Royalty-free music download for commercial projects
  • Customizable scenes, moods, genres, instruments, and track length
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • New music generation engine with 500,000+ music patterns
  • Tools to refine and customize the AI-generated music
  • Manage all created and downloaded tracks

What are the pros and cons of Ecrett Music?


  • Very fast music creation
  • No music expertise required
  • Easy to add music to videos, games, etc.
  • Affordable subscription plans


  • Limited control over finer details of the music
  • Not suitable for creating full albums or releasing music
  • Quality depends on the AI training data

For content creators who need quick, simple, affordable music for their projects, Ecrett Music provides an easy AI-powered solution. It makes royalty-free music accessible even to those with no musical ability. While it may not be suitable for creating pro-level music releases, Ecrett Music offers a revolutionary tool for conveniently adding custom background music to enhance videos, games, podcasts, and more.

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4. Amper

Amper is an advanced AI music composition tool that allows musicians to generate original, royalty-free music tracks in any genre and style. It was created in 2016 by Samuel Estrada, Drew Silverstein and Michael Hobe with the goal of empowering musicians with AI technology.

What is Amper?

Amper is a web-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to compose high-quality, customizable music. It allows users to set parameters like genre, mood, instrumentation, length and tempo, and Amper’s AI will generate a unique track based on the selected criteria. The service aims to help musicians quickly create production-ready music that can be used for videos, podcasts, games and more.

How Does Amper Work?

Amper’s AI has been trained on a huge database of music to understand different musical styles, patterns and structures. When a user inputs their parameters, Amper’s generative algorithms produce an original composition that matches the desired attributes. Users can listen to the AI-generated track, tweak parameters to refine the music, and download the final audio file to use royalty-free.

Key Features

Some key features of Amper include:

  • Generate unlimited unique songs in any genre like rock, pop, hip hop
  • Customize instruments, mood, length, tempo, key, time signature
  • Preview and edit tracks before downloading
  • Download high-quality WAV files royalty-free
  • Collaboration tools to allow other musicians to refine tracks
  • API access for developers to integrate into other apps

Pros and Cons


  • Very fast way to create quality music
  • Completely royalty-free tracks
  • Endless unique compositions
  • Full customization and editing capabilities


  • Lacks natural human musicality
  • Best for background music vs feature pieces
  • Limited control over finer details
  • Requires internet connection to generate music

Amper provides musicians with a powerful AI tool to quickly generate custom, royalty-free music tracks. It allows for flexibility and experimentation in song creation, making it easy to produce quality background music. While it lacks some human touches, Amper enables new creative possibilities for musicians looking to enhance their productions with AI-generated music.

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5. Jukedeck AI

What is Jukedeck AI?

Jukedeck was a British technology company founded in 2012 that built a website allowing users to create royalty-free music using artificial intelligence. The website generated original compositions in a variety of genres based on parameters set by the user such as genre, instruments, duration, and climactic moments.

How does Jukedeck AI work?

Jukedeck used a two-tiered AI approach. Artificial neural networks generated the underlying musical compositions which were then converted into audio using automated music production software. This allowed Jukedeck to create compositions in genres ranging from folk to electronica in just seconds.

What are the key features of Jukedeck AI?

  • Generate original, royalty-free music in seconds
  • Customize compositions by setting parameters like genre, instruments, length, and climax points
  • Download compositions for personal or commercial use
  • Website is easy to use even for non-musicians

What are the pros and cons of Jukedeck AI?


  • Fast creation of royalty-free music
  • Customizable compositions
  • Accessible for non-musicians


  • Limited creative control compared to human composer
  • Questionable long-term musical quality

Jukedeck demonstrates the potential for AI to expand access to music composition. While it has limitations compared to human composers, it provides an easy way for video creators and other media producers to quickly generate soundtrack music on a budget. As AI music technology develops further, services like Jukedeck may become an increasingly useful tool for musicians and other creators.

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6. Beatbot AI

Beatbot AI is an exciting new AI-powered song making tool that allows anyone to create original music. It was developed by Splash, an AI startup focused on generative content creation. Beatbot makes it simple for musicians and songwriters to generate unique songs using just text prompts.

How Beatbot AI Works

Beatbot uses a combination of AI systems to compose music. It utilizes Splash’s own proprietary AI technology to generate melodies, rhythms, and vocals. For writing lyrics, it taps into OpenAI’s powerful GPT-3 language model.

To create a song, you simply type in a text prompt describing the kind of song you want. Beatbot will then generate a short original composition using loops and vocals. The results can range from rap and hip-hop to more melodic genres.

Key Features

  • Quickly generate royalty-free loops and songs with text prompts
  • Option to write your own lyrics and have them added to the music
  • Ability to re-generate tracks until you get something you like
  • Download tracks as high-quality audio files
  • Easy sharing options for social media

Benefits for Musicians

Beatbot provides musicians with an easy way to explore new musical ideas and create starting points for songs. For times when you need some quick background music or a loop, it can rapidly generate options. The ability to write your own lyrics gives you creative control.

Overall, Beatbot opens up new possibilities for musical creation and collaboration. It allows you to instantly test out song concepts before committing to a full production. For educational purposes, it can help teach song structure and arrangement.

While Beatbot is still in beta, it shows the potential for AI to enhance human creativity in music. We may soon see tools like this become indispensable to modern musicians and producers.

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7. Beatoven: AI-Powered Music Composition Made Easy

Beatoven is an innovative AI music generator designed to make professional music composition accessible to all. Whether you’re a content creator seeking a unique soundtrack or an aspiring musician looking to expand your creative horizons, Beatoven provides an easy way to produce original tunes tailored to your needs.

How Does Beatoven Work?

Beatoven combines advanced music theory, production techniques, and AI to generate high-quality, production-ready tracks.

To start, simply choose a genre like pop, rock, or electronic to set the overall style. You can then customize the mood, tempo, instruments, and track length to hone in on the exact vibe you want.

Beatoven’s AI will get to work arranging and producing an original composition based on your preferences. The built-in mixing and mastering ensure polished, radio-ready results.

Within minutes, you’ll have a unique, royalty-free soundtrack to integrate into your project.

Key Features for Musicians

Flexible Sound Customization

Beatoven provides extensive options to personalize each track. Tweak tempo, time signature, instruments, and more until your AI-generated tune captures the desired feeling.

Hassle-Free Licensing

All Beatoven tracks come with a perpetual license for use, so you can freely integrate them into videos, podcasts, or other projects without worrying about copyright issues.

Professional Sound Quality

Built-in mastering by producers ensures radio-ready sound quality on every track. Beatoven takes care of technical details so you can focus on creativity.

Endless Original Compositions

Beatoven’s advanced AI generates limitless new compositions every time. You’ll never run out of fresh, unique music tailored exactly to your needs.

For musicians, Beatoven provides an easy way to quickly create royalty-free, customized tracks to enhance projects or experiment with new styles. With Beatoven’s AI simplifying technical tasks, you’re free to focus creativity on songwriting and composition. The ability to fine-tune every detail makes Beatoven an invaluable tool for producing professional original music on demand.

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8. WavTool GPT-4 DAW

WavTool is an exciting new digital audio workstation (DAW) that utilizes AI technology to assist musicians with music production. The key feature of WavTool is its AI chat assistant named Conductor, which is powered by GPT-4.

What is WavTool GPT-4 DAW?

WavTool is a browser-based DAW that loads directly in your web browser without needing to download any software. It offers a limited free version, but the full app with unlimited AI prompts costs $20/month. WavTool’s AI assistant Conductor leverages the conversational abilities of GPT-4 to understand prompts about music theory, production concepts, and desired outcomes. It can then take actions directly in the DAW like generating MIDI melodies and chord progressions, creating and editing instrument tracks, configuring effects plugins, and more.

How does WavTool GPT-4 DAW work?

WavTool allows natural language conversation with Conductor to guide the music production process. You can give prompts about what type of music you want to create and Conductor will do its best to generate MIDI and instrument tracks to match. If you don’t like what it creates, you can critique Conductor’s choices and give follow-up instructions to iteratively improve the results. WavTool also supports loading in your own audio samples and offers tools for recording, editing, mixing and mastering. The AI assistant aims to lower the barrier to entry for music production.

Key Features

  • AI Conductor chatbot powered by GPT-4
  • Browser-based with no software to install
  • Unlimited AI prompts in paid $20/month version
  • Conversational guidance for music production
  • MIDI generation from text prompts
  • Support for VST plugins and audio samples
  • Tools for recording, editing, mixing and mastering

Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use, creative AI assistance, accessible price point, no software to install

Cons: Limited capabilities in free version, slower than traditional DAWs, AI prompts don’t always work as expected


WavTool brings an exciting new AI assistant to help guide musicians through the music production process. While it has some limitations currently, the technology shows promising potential to open up music production to a wider audience. We expect capabilities and reliability to improve over time. For $20/month, musicians can experiment with a novel AI co-producer without investing in expensive traditional DAW software and hardware.

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