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Tome AI is an exciting new AI-powered presentation and storytelling tool that was launched in 2022. It allows users to quickly create stunning presentations, stories, and more using the power of artificial intelligence.

With Tome, anyone can turn their ideas into compelling multimedia narratives that engage audiences across devices. This article will provide an introduction to Tome AI and its key capabilities.

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How Tome AI Works

The key to Tome’s functionality lies in its integration of AI models like GPT-3 and DALL-E. Users provide a text prompt describing the topic of their presentation or story. Tome then generates relevant text content and images from this prompt using its AI capabilities.

For text generation, Tome leverages natural language AI models like GPT-3. This allows it to analyze prompts and generate coherent, high-quality text that is optimized for presentations and storytelling.

For images, Tome connects to generative AI systems like DALL-E to produce completely original images that visualize the concepts in a prompt. The images help reinforce the ideas and make presentations more memorable.

Tome provides an interactive canvas where users can add multimedia elements like videos, animations, and data visualizations. The AI-generated text and images act as a starting point, which users can then customize and tweak to perfection.

In addition to its multimedia capabilities, Tome AI also offers collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on a project simultaneously. This makes it an ideal platform for teams or classrooms to collaborate on creative projects, presentations, or educational materials. Users can easily share their creations with others, making it a versatile tool for sharing ideas and knowledge. With its intuitive interface and customizable options, Tome empowers users to unleash their creativity and create visually stunning and engaging content. Whether it’s for professional presentations, personal projects, or educational materials, Tome provides a dynamic and flexible canvas for users to bring their ideas to life.

Key Features of Tome AI

Tome AI Templates

Here are some of the standout features that enable Tome AI to transform presentation-making:

  • Intelligent slide design – Tome’s AI handles slide design optimization so users can just focus on content. The clean, professional designs fit any theme or branding.
  • Real-time suggestions – Tome provides contextual suggestions for revisions or additions as users create their presentation. This acts as an AI assistant for better storytelling.
  • Voice narration – Users can add AI-generated voice narration to their presentation with just one click. This brings presentations to life and boosts engagement.
  • Customizable themes – Tome offers a wide selection of slide themes and color palettes to match users’ brand and style.
  • Instant sharing – Presentations can be instantly shared via a simple link for easy collaboration. Users can also download presentations.

Use Cases for Tome AI

Here are some of the most popular use cases where Tome excels at enabling users to create compelling content:

  • Business presentations – For sales pitches, client briefings, product launches and more, Tome helps craft professional presentations quickly.
  • Academic presentations – Students use Tome to create standout presentations for class projects in a breeze.
  • Marketing content – Tome’s multimedia capabilities make it easy for marketers to develop engaging content.
  • Creative portfolios – Artists, designers and creators use Tome to showcase their work in engaging formats.
  • Teaching materials – Educators use Tome to develop rich presentations and lesson content.
  • Storytelling – Tome provides an intuitive canvas for crafting narratives using text, visuals, audio and more.


PlanPriceTome CreationAI Compute CreditsSpecial Features
FreeFreeUnlimited for individuals, Limited for 2+ people500 AI credits upon sign-upBasic Analytics, In-app Chat Support
Pro$8 per person/month (billed annually) or $10 per person/month (billed monthly)UnlimitedUnlimitedExport to PDF, Custom Logos, Priority Support
EnterpriseContact us for pricingUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom Tile Integrations, White-Glove Template Setup, Advanced Analytics (Coming Soon), Customer Success Manager (Coming Soon)
  1. Free Plan: This is a great option for individuals getting started with Tome. It offers unlimited Tome creation for individuals, but limits the creation for groups of two or more people. You also get 500 AI compute credits upon sign-up. The free plan also includes unlimited photo & video uploads, basic analytics, and in-app chat support. However, it doesn’t include advanced features like PDF exports, custom logos, or priority support.
  2. Pro Plan: Available at $8 per person/month billed annually or $10 per person billed monthly, the Pro Plan is ideal for power creators and teams of all sizes. It provides unlimited Tome creation and AI compute credits for both individuals and workspaces. In addition to the benefits of the Free Plan, the Pro Plan allows you to turn off Tome branding, use custom logos, and receive priority support.
  3. Enterprise Plan: This plan is designed for organizations needing advanced controls and services. Pricing is custom and available upon contact. The Enterprise Plan includes all the features of the Pro Plan, along with additional ones such as custom tile integrations, white-glove template setup, and advanced analytics that are coming soon. The Enterprise Plan also includes dedicated customer success management and other features to be introduced soon, such as custom fonts, custom sub-domains, single sign-on & SAML, and more.

To decide which plan is right for you, consider the level of functionality you need and the size of your team.

Benefits of Tome AI

Let’s look at some of the key benefits that Tome provides:

  • Saves time – Tome can help create polished presentations in a fraction of the usual time, thanks to its AI content generation.
  • Highly engaging output – Tome infuses multimedia interactivity into presentations, making them more dynamic.
  • Focus on content – With design handled by AI, users can channel their time into crafting the narrative and message.
  • Easy collaboration – The shareable link makes it simple to collect feedback and collaborate with teams on a presentation.
  • Unlocks creativity – Tome’s AI features spur creative thinking and provide guidance to develop your ideas.


Tome is spearheading innovation in the presentation and storytelling space with its integration of AI. For any professional, student or creator who needs to communicate ideas compellingly, Tome is an invaluable tool.

With intelligent design, impactful visuals and interactivity powered by AI, Tome enables users to craft presentations and narratives that leave a lasting impression. Its collaborative sharing abilities also facilitate better teamwork.

As AI capabilities continue to evolve, Tome is primed to set new standards for multimedia communication. Its unique integration of generative text, images, and interactive elements points the way toward more immersive and effective presentations of the future.

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